Foot Pain

Foot Pain In Annapolis, MD

When foot pain strikes, simply walking from your office to your car is difficult. Identifying the cause of the pain is the key to finding the most appropriate type of treatment. Below are several conditions that can cause foot pain.

Stone Bruise

Have you ever stopped on a stone or other hard object and felt pain in your heel for days? This common injury, called a stone bruise, isn't serious and usually goes away with rest. Stone bruises can also occur if you run frequently and don't wear shoes with enough padding. Ice and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications can help decrease pain.


Hammertoes develop when your toe bends at the first joint, resembling a hammer. The problem occurs in the second through fifth toes and can be caused by muscle imbalances, arthritis or tight shoes. Hammertoe is an inherited condition in some families. Buying roomier shoes and padding your toe can decrease pain. If you're still in pain, your foot doctor can fit you with shoe inserts to help relieve pressure on your toes or prescribe pain killers. Surgery may be needed if the problem is severe.


Wearing tight shoes or high heels can cause a painful bunion to form. This common foot condition occurs when your big toe begins to lean toward your other toes, pulling the bones in your foot out of alignment. Roomier shoes, padding and over-the-counter pain medication can make you more comfortable, but if bunion pain is chronic and severe, your foot doctor may recommend surgery to remove the bump and bring the bones back into alignment.

Plantar Fasciitis

Pain in your heel can be caused if the plantar fascia, a tough band of tissues that connects your toes to your heel becomes inflamed. Exercises and physical therapy can help stretch the fascia, relieving pain. Our podiatrist may also recommend night splints to stretch your arch, cortisone injections or shock wave therapy. If these treatments don't help, surgery may be recommended.

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