Callus Removal

Calluses are hard, raised bumps on the skin that bring pain to those who develop them. They form from repeated friction or pressure and can result from improper footwear or skin irritation. If you don't identify the cause of your callus, they'll keep returning until you treat the problem. Calluses become so thick and dry that they split open and bleed if left untreated for too long, which can raise difficulties for diabetic patients or people with circulatory or neuromuscular disorders. If you notice calluses on the bottom of your feet or toes, don't attempt to remove them yourself. Consult with Dr. Laura Michetti at First Choice Podiatry to discuss options for callus removal in Annapolis, MD.

Callus Removal Process:

Calluses cause pain due to the constant friction and pressure on the sensitive area of skin. Dr. Laura Michetti may recommend a non-invasive procedure to remove the callus to prevent it from coming back. During callus removal, Dr. Michetti may use a sterilized surgical blade to slowly eliminate the layers of dead skin and scrub the area with a pumice stone to smoothen it out. If a callus has developed an infection, she may use a scalpel to remove the infected tissue and administer cortisone to reduce inflammation. Other common methods for severe callus removal include outpatient surgery. Regular visits to our podiatrist are essential for ensuring proper foot healing and controlling future calluses.

The right way to remove a callus is by visiting a qualified podiatrist who can do the job safely and effectively. If you have foot calluses disrupting your daily life, consult with Dr. Laura Michetti to discuss treatment options.

If you have diabetes or are prone to developing foot calluses, Dr. Michetti can teach you how to pay special attention to your feet and prevent further complications.

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